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Go Green With Smart Appliances

Most people do not realise the impact that their daily behaviour has on the environment. They go unaware of the fact that their carbon footprint has a huge effect on climate change, and other environmental issues challenging the world today. By being more efficient with their daily energy consumption, each and every person is able to contribute to the betterment of the environment. Here’s how you can do so, and save yourself some money in the process as well. 

When purchasing home appliances or replacing old ones, make sure you check the Energy Star Label. In addition buy appliances that cater to your needs, based on your daily requirements. For example if you are living alone, buying a smaller sized fridge would be sufficient. You can also be efficient when using your current appliances. Wait till you get a full load on your dish washer and washing machine, before you start washing dishes or clothes, and make sure your TV is not on standby mode, since that consumes a certain amount of energy as well.
Better Lighting
Look in to energy efficient lighting options such as Led track lights and CFL bulbs. These consume less energy and produce less heat as well. Using such lights does not mean you need to sacrifice on aesthetics.
You can use these kind of lights to your advantage by utilizing them in a manner which gives your living area a unique feel. One good example would be placing a panel of LED track lights right above your dining table, in order to highlight it.
Stay Warm
Keep your thermostat controlled at all times, depending on the current weather, and remember to adjust the settings accordingly when you’re leaving home. If you are increasing the temperature, raising it gradually can actually help you conserve some energy. When it come to your water heater, forty eight degrees Celsius is considered the optimal temperature, and making it any warmer will only waste energy and money.
Going Around
When purchasing a vehicle, always make sure that you it gets good mileage, since this will not only save energy but will also save you a ton of money. In addition, consider alternatives to driving, such a cycling to work or to school, or using public transport. Car-pooling with your neighbours is also an option that you can consider.
Work Ethic
Your desktop computer can be another main source of energy wastage. Screen savers are a thing of the past, since they force your computer to use up energy, so adjust your computer settings to sleep or hibernate after a certain period of inactivity. Additionally, laptops are a more energy efficient alternative to personal desktops.